We are pleased to announce that beautiful New Zealand has won yet another accolade that directly relates to its attraction and appeal as a stunning and wonderful place to live.

The Institute for Economics and Peace, in conjunction with the Economist Intelligence Unit, has designated New Zealand to be the most peaceful nation in the world in their latest assessment of 144 nations around the globe.

New Zealand has knocked Iceland off the number one spot and is officially the least violent and dangerous nation in the whole world – yet another reason to emigrate to live in New Zealand!  And here are ten more reasons why increasing numbers of British citizens are choosing to turn their back on their own nation, and make a new life in New Zealand: –

1) Well, as stated, New Zealand is now the most peaceful nation in the world.  This, in real terms, means that it is politically stable, it has a low risk of terrorism, murder rates are low, the likelihood of violent demonstrations is low, there is great respect for human rights, internal conflicts are few and far between, and finally, that arms imports and involvement in foreign wars are both very low in New Zealand.  So, if you want to live in a peaceful country where the likelihood of violence is the lowest in the world, pick New Zealand.

2) As all New Zealanders are descendents of migrants originally – with the Maoris being the original arrivals some 700 years ago – all newcomers are welcome!  It is not a racist or xenophobic nation, therefore if you do decide you want to emigrate from the UK to live, work or retire in New Zealand, chance are, you will be made welcome.

3) The standard of living in New Zealand is on a par with any Western nation, such as the UK.  In other words, the GDP of the nation is strong; this translates into a healthy rate of disposable income for individuals, which means that people have a decent way of life, and enjoy a good standard of living.

4) New Zealanders speak English – making the whole move so much easier for Brits emigrating!

5) New Zealand has no nuclear weapons and strives to maintain its anti-nuclear stance.  It is passionate about the importance of its values, and as a result, it is an interesting place to live if you want to get involved or at least be seen to be aligning yourself with some of the most worthy causes in the modern world.

6) Despite the fact that we’re in the grip of a global recession and that jobs are getting harder to come by and job security is a thing of the past, there is still a desire for skilled migrants in New Zealand.  Therefore, not only can you potentially secure a visa to go and live and work in New Zealand, you can potentially find yourself in an exceptionally positive employment position if you have the skills the nation is seeking.  Look on the New Zealand immigration website to find out which skilled professionals the nation needs.

7) New Zealanders are sports and outdoor loving people – and there is such a diverse landscape and such a diverse climate across the nation, that no matter what your sporting passion – be is sailing or snowboarding for example – you can indulge your sporting desires in New Zealand!  What’s more, New Zealanders are usually better than us Brits at most sports, so if you move to live in their nation, you can learn a thing or two about the likes of cricket and rugby!!

8) The way of life in New Zealand is famously laid back – those who newly arrive in the nation liken it to a Great Britain of yesteryear when the pressure to keep up with the Joneses was not as intense, and when family values were more important.  So, if you want to get back to basics and really have a better quality of family life, where the work/life balance is much more appropriately aligned, consider moving to live in New Zealand.

9) The nation is one of the most stunning countries in the entire world.  Fact.

10) And finally, not only is New Zealand the most peaceful country in the world officially, in another recent survey by a leading international body it ranked as one of the best countries in the world in terms of the quality of life its residents enjoys.