New Zealand ranks consistently highly when it comes to surveys of the countries Britons would most like to emigrate to live in.  For example, earlier today we looked at the survey from Foreign Currency Direct that reveals that up to 11 million adult Britons of working age are potentially contemplating relocation overseas for employment reasons – and even in that survey New Zealand was one of the countries favoured by such individuals.

It seems to offer such a lot to so many people – but can you tangibly list what New Zealand might be able to offer you?  We thought we’d offer you five reasons to emigrate to New Zealand that have ‘appeared’ in recent weeks and months to add to your list of positives in the country’s favour if you’re actively planning a new life abroad too.

Whilst New Zealand certainly isn’t the only country favoured by would-be British expatriates, it is a top choice…and here are just a handful of reasons why: –

1)  New Zealand Tops the Quality of Life Index

New Zealand came out on top of the NatWest International Personal Banking Quality of Life Index that was run in conjunction with the Centre for Future Studies.  This Index surveys expatriates from around the world every year and asks them to rate the nation in which they live in multiple categories – and out of all the nation’s surveyed and across all categories, New Zealand came out on top for 2009.

It was ranked as a good place to live, work, educate children; it was ranked highly on the basis that it has an affordable cost of living that offers residents a high standard of living.  House prices were detailed as affordable, and with a relatively favourable tax regime too, all in all New Zealand was the number one choice with expatriates currently living overseas.

2)  New Zealand is an Easy Country to Do Business in

The World Bank has reported that New Zealand is the second easiest country in the world in which to do business.  It came a close second only to Singapore and was highly rated in categories such as the time it takes to start a business, the cost of government requirements in starting, operating and closing a business, how easy it is to trade across borders and in terms of taxes for companies too.  This means that it can be a positive choice for those who want to move abroad and start their own business, sack the boss and work for themselves.  There are also incentives in place for those wishing to migrate to New Zealand who will be creating employment through their own company for example – so this is a real positive.

This report from the World Bank also ultimately reinforces New Zealand’s reputation as having an attractive business environment, and as New Zealand Property Solutions puts it: “[New Zealand has] low barriers to entry, and policies that encourage strong investment relations with countries overseas.”

3)  New Zealand’s Property Market is Affordable and Alive

Unlike the real estate markets in the UK and the USA for example where prices have crashed and the bottoms have seemingly fallen out for at least the foreseeable future, the NatWest International Personal Banking Quality of Life Index identifies that the average New Zealand property is affordable in terms of the price/wage index standing at around £111,000.

Add to this the news that QV Valuation suggests that prices for properties in New Zealand rose in August for the fourth consecutive month and you have evidence that there is life in the NZ property market still.  Now we’re not suggesting it’s a great place heading for a massive boom for a speculative property investor, but it does suggest that there is a healthiness to the overall property landscape in the country which bodes well for the overall economy.

4)  New Zealand Welcomes International Business

The government of New Zealand has been highly proactive in encouraging international investment commitment as it understands that it needs to open its doors and remain open to the wider world in an effort to secure its economic development for the long-term.  For a would-be British expatriate this just goes to show what a welcoming country NZ is, and how the attitudes of local people are changing and advancing so that it is easier to be accepted and to adapt to life in New Zealand.

The changes that back up New Zealand’s international advancement are governmental reviews of New Zealand’s foreign investment policy and its Overseas Investment Act.

5)  Even New Zealand’s Cities Offer Good Value for Money

Anyone thinking about moving abroad from the UK at the moment will be acutely aware of how weak the pound is internationally speaking.  It has fallen against currencies around the world as the poor state of the British economy has become apparent to the wider world.  Therefore, it is excellent to learn that the Mercer Worldwide Cost of Living Survey even ranks New Zealand’s cities of Auckland and Wellington as affordable places to reside!

Many Britons currently thinking about moving abroad are of working age – this means that they will naturally be drawn to live in city areas in order to find and access employment.  Most city locations around the world where there are positive employment prospects mirror the high range of opportunities available with high costs for living.  However, according to the latest Cost of Living Survey from Mercer, New Zealand’s main cities are affordable when it comes to the cost of housing, transport, food and other goods that are essential for every-day life.

This means that New Zealand as a whole is incredibly cost competitive as a place to move to, live in, work in and even retire to – what’s more, with its advancements in terms of its international outlook, it is likely to attract businesses to the nation as those looking for a presence in the region will know that it will be easy for them to establish a presence, affordable for them to run a business and possible for them to attract professionals to NZ as it is a country with a high quality of life for an affordable price.

These are the five latest and most positive reasons for looking to start a new life living in New Zealand – of course there are many more such as the facts that it is a stunning nation, one where there is plenty of space per head and where even your children will be guaranteed a good education.  Therefore it is of no surprise to us at all that it is such a popular country with would-be British expats.